You’ve spent hours planning and building your dream deck. It’s the perfect spot to host summer BBQs, watch the kids play, or just relax with a cold glass of iced tea. But now that it’s time to choose decking materials, you’re stuck between two options: wood and composite.

Both have their pros and cons, but you may be leaning towards wood because it’s natural and traditional. However, there’s another option that combines the best of both worlds—viking wood splitterdeck tiles over wood decking.

If you’re looking for an easy way to spruce up your deck, consider installing Viking Wood Splitterdeck tiles. These tiles are designed to snap together, making them quick and easy to install. Plus, they add a touch of style to your outdoor space.

Viking Wood Splitterdeck tiles are made of durable plastic, so they’ll stand up to the elements and foot traffic. And, since they’re interlocking, they won’t shift or move around like some other decking options. So, if you’re looking for a low-maintenance option that will give your deck a fresh new look, Viking Wood Splitterdeck tiles are a great choice!

How to Install Pavers Over Wood Deck

It’s no secret that adding a deck to your home can increase its value and provide you with extra outdoor living space. But what if your existing deck is in need of repair? Or, what if you want to add even more living space by extending your deck?

One option is to install pavers over wood deck. Here’s how: 1. Remove any nails or screws from the surface of your wood deck.

Be sure to wear gloves and eye protection while doing this. 2. If there are any splinters in the wood, use a chisel or hammer to remove them. Again, be careful not to injure yourself while doing this.

3. sweeping the surface of your deck clean with a broom or leaf blower. You’ll want to make sure there is no dirt, debris, or leaves on the surface before proceeding. 4. Choose the pavers you’d like to use for your new patio surface and determine how many you will need based on the size of your deck area (remember – you’ll need about 10% more than the actual square footage).

It’s best to choose pavers that are made from durable material such as concrete or brick so they will last for years without needing replacement.. Once you have your pavers, it’s time to begin installation!

5 . Starting at one corner of your deck area, apply a layer of construction adhesive onto the back of each paver using a putty knife . Be generous with the adhesive so that each paver is well-coated; this will help ensure they stay in place once installed.

. Next, set each paver into place on top of the adhesive , pressing down firmly so that it adheres well.. Repeat this process until all Pavers are installed over Wood Deck .

Can Deck Tiles Be Installed Over Existing Wood Deck?

Yes, deck tiles can be installed over an existing wood deck. There are a few things to keep in mind when doing this, though. First, make sure that the surface of your wood deck is clean and dry before installing the tiles.

If there is any moisture or debris on the surface, it could cause the tiles to not adhere properly or could lead to mold growth. Second, you’ll want to make sure that the wood deck is structurally sound before adding the tile layer. If there are any weak spots or areas of rot, they will need to be repaired before proceeding.

Finally, it’s important to choose the right type of tile for your project. Some tiles are not meant to be installed over existing surfaces (such as concrete) and others are not meant for outdoor use. Be sure to consult with a tile specialist or the manufacturer of your chosen tile to ensure that it is appropriate for your project.

Can I Put Pavers on Top of Wood Deck?

Yes, you can put pavers on top of a wood deck. There are a few things to consider when doing this, however. First, make sure the deck is in good condition and that the pavers you select are appropriate for the weight of furniture and foot traffic they will need to support.

Second, be sure to use construction adhesive or mortar between the pavers and the deck surface to create a stable bond. Third, it is important to seal both the pavers and the decking material to protect them from weather damage and wear.

What Can I Put Over a Wooden Deck?

There are a few things you can do to jazz up your wooden deck and make it more stylish. One option is to add an outdoor rug. This will not only add some color and pattern to the space, but it will also help protect the wood from wear and tear.

You can also add some potted plants or hanging planters to give the space a more inviting feel. Finally, string lights are always a good idea when it comes to outdoor spaces – they create a warm and cozy ambiance that’s perfect for entertaining or relaxing.

Can Composite Decking Be Placed Over Wood?

If you have an existing wood deck, you’ve probably noticed some signs of wear and tear. The boards may be warped or cracked, the surface may be splintered or discolored, and the overall appearance may be lackluster. If your deck is structurally sound but simply needs a facelift, you may be considering placing composite decking over wood.

Before beginning any work, it’s important to inspect your deck and make sure that it’s in good enough condition to support the weight of composite decking. You should also check with your local building code to see if there are any special requirements for installing composite decking over an existing structure. Assuming your deck is in good shape and up to code, you can begin the installation process by removing all furniture, planters, and other objects from the surface.

Next, sweep the area clean of dirt, leaves, and debris. Once the surface is prepared, you can begin laying down your composite boards. When cutting composite boards to size, always use a sharp power saw and carbide-tipped blade; dull blades can create jagged edges that will be visible once the project is complete.

To avoid this issue altogether, many manufacturers now offer “pre-grooved” boards that eliminate the need for on-site cuts altogether. Once all of your boards are cut to size and laid out in their desired pattern (remembering to leave appropriate gaps between each board), it’s time to start fastening them into place. Most types of composite decking are attached with specially designed hidden fasteners that create a clean look without unsightly nails or screws.

Be sure to follow all manufacturer instructions when installing these fasteners; improper installation could void your warranty or cause damage to the materials themselves. After all of your boards are installed according to plan ,you can sit back and enjoy your beautiful new composite deck! Regular cleaning with soap and water will keep it looking its best; for tougher stains ,a power washer may be necessary .

With just a little bit of care ,your newdeck will provide years offun outdoor living .


If you’re looking to spruce up your deck, Viking Wood Splitter has a great solution – deck tiles! Deck tiles are easy to install and come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can create the perfect look for your space. And best of all, they’re designed to protect your deck from the elements and wear and tear.

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