I started woodturning about 6 months ago and I absolutely love it. I never knew that there was such a thing as specialized woodturning tools, but once I started doing some research, I quickly realized that there were a ton of different tools available to help me get the most out of my hobby. After doing even more research, I decided on Thompson Woodturning Tools as my go-to brand for high-quality and affordable woodturning tools.

If you’re a woodturner, then you know that having the right tools is essential to your success. And when it comes to woodturning tools, there’s no better brand than Thompson. For over 50 years, Thompson has been manufacturing high-quality woodturning tools that are used by some of the best turners in the world.

So what makes Thompson woodturning tools so special? First of all, they’re made from the highest quality materials. The steel is hardened and tempered to provide optimum strength and durability.

The cutting edges are also precision ground to ensure precise cuts every time. Another great feature of Thompson woodturning tools is their ergonomic design. The handles are designed for comfort and balance, which makes them easy to use for extended periods of time.

And because they’re so well-balanced, they reduce fatigue and allow you to work more efficiently. Finally, all Thompson woodturning tools come with a lifetime warranty. So if you ever have any problems with your tools, simply return them for a replacement or refund.

If you’re looking for the best woodturning tools on the market, then look no further than Thompson. With their high quality construction, ergonomic design, and lifetime warranty, they’re sure to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Carter And Sons Lathe Tools

Carter and Sons is a family owned business that has been making high quality lathe tools since 1892. The company is based in Massachusetts, USA and all of their products are made in the USA. Carter and Sons offers a wide variety of lathe tools for both woodworking and metalworking applications.

Their tool selection includes turning chisels, gouges, scrapers, parting tools, and more. Carter and Sons also offers sharpening services to keep your tools performing at their best.

Thompson Woodturning Tools

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What is the Best Steel for Woodturning Tools?

There are a few different types of steel that are popular for woodturning tools. The most common steels are HSS (high speed steel), M2, and PM (powder metallurgy) steels. Each type of steel has its own advantages and disadvantages.

HSS is the most common type of steel used for woodturning tools. It is tough and durable, making it ideal for high-impact applications such as roughing out bowls and platters. However, HSS can be difficult to sharpen and is not as wear-resistant as other types of steel.

M2 is a high-speed tool steel that offers excellent wear resistance. This makes it ideal for finishing cuts where a sharp edge is critical. However, M2 can be difficult to work with and is not as tough as HSS.

PM steels are made from powdered metal and offer superior wear resistance and toughness. These properties make them ideal for cutting hardwoods or green wood without dulling the edge prematurely. PM steels are also easier to sharpen than HSS or M2 steels.

Where are Hurricane Wood Turning Tools Made?

Hurricane wood turning tools are made in a variety of places, but the vast majority of them come from China. There are a number of reasons for this, including the fact that labor is much cheaper in China than it is in developed countries like the United States. In addition, Chinese manufacturers have become very skilled at producing high-quality products at relatively low prices.

Hurricane wood turning tools are used by woodworkers to create beautiful and intricate designs on wooden objects. They can be used to decorate bowls, plates, vases, boxes, and other items. The tools are made from a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, and even plastic.

The most popular type of hurricane tool is the carbide-tipped tool; these tools stay sharp for longer and can be used to create very precise designs. While most hurricane wood turning tools come from China, there are a few companies that manufacture them in other countries. One such company is Hurricane Tools International, which has its headquarters in Australia.

This company produces a wide range of different types of hurricane tools, including those made from titanium and diamond.

Where are Robert Sorby Tools Made?

If you’re a woodworker, chances are you know the name Robert Sorby. Sorby is one of the most popular brands of woodworking tools, known for their high quality and durability. But where are these tools made?

The answer might surprise you – Robert Sorby tools are actually made in China. That’s right, the same country that produces so many other products that we use every day. But don’t let that dissuade you from using Sorby tools; despite being made in China, they’re still some of the best available on the market today.

So why does a company like Robert Sorby choose to have their tools manufactured in China? There are a few reasons, but chief among them is cost. It’s simply cheaper to produce goods in China than it is in other countries like the United States or England (where Sorby is based).

And while some might worry about the quality of Chinese-made products, there’s no need to worry with Sorby tools – they undergo strict quality control procedures before being shipped out to customers. So if you’re looking for high-quality woodworking tools at a great price, look no further than Robert Sorby – even if it means buying from China.

Why Do Woodturning Tools Have Long Handles?

Woodturning tools have long handles for a variety of reasons. First, the long handle gives the turner more leverage when cutting into the wood. This is especially important when working with hardwoods.

Second, the long handle keeps the turner’s hands further away from the sharp blade, reducing the risk of injury. Finally, the extra length provides more stability when shaping and finishing the wood.

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Thompson Woodturning Tools is a great resource for anyone interested in woodturning. The website offers a wide range of tools, tips and advice on how to get the most out of your woodturning experience. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced woodturner, there’s something on the site for you.

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